Online storage providers supported by KeePassium

  • Box: full support
  • Cryptomator: manual sync only
  • Dropbox: full support
  • Fritz!NAS: read-only access, fails on saving.
  • Google Drive: full support, but no offline access
  • iCloud Drive: full support
  • MagentaCloud: manual sync only
  • read-only access, fails on saving.
  • Nextcloud: generally works, but with issues
  • OneDrive: full support
  • ownCloud: untested, might work
  • pCloud: full support
  • Resilio Sync: generally works, but with issues
  • Sandisk iXpand drive: manual sync only
  • SFTP: full support with a third-party app
  • SMB shares: full support in iOS 13+, but no offline access
  • SSH mounts: reported to work via Secure ShellFish (offline access unstable)
  • one-way sync (does not upload changes automatically)
  • Syncthing (via Mobius Sync): reported to work, more feedback needed
  • Synology NAS: generally works, but there are known issues
  • Tresorit: untested, might work
  • QNAP NAS: reported to work via Qfile app and Samba (no offline access)
  • USB flash drives: untested, should work on iOS 13.
  • WebDAV: full support with a third-party app
  • WD MyCloud: manual sync only
  • Yandex.Disk: problematic with the Yandex app; use manual sync or WebDAV instead.

Full support: files are automatically downloaded and uploaded when changed.

Untested: these providers show up in the Files app, but have not yet been tested with KeePassium.

Manual sync only: storage provider app does not automatically download/upload files.

Last Updated: 2021-02-18