KeePassium Password Manager

Secure your passwords, protect your privacy.

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Privacy-first KeePass for iOS

KeePassium combines the security of KeePass with a clean intuitive design.

You decide where you store your passwords. KeePassium helps you manage them.

Automatic Sync

KeePassium works with offline and online databases, including automatic two-way synchronization with your cloud storage. Almost any provider that appears in the Files app is supported.

Password Auto Fill

With Auto Fill, you can login to websites and other apps in just a couple of taps.

Open Source

KeePassium source code is available under the GPL v3 license, so anyone can audit it.


Access your passwords quickly using Face ID or Touch ID sensor. Or disable biometric authentication and use a passcode instead.


Custom entry fields, custom icons, TOTP codes. Oh, and you can attach files.


KeePassium works great with other apps. It supports all the current database formats (kdb, kdbx3, kdbx4) and relies on time-proven implementations of AES, ChaCha20, Twofish, and Argon2 algorithms.


Be it VoiceOver or large text on a small screen, accessibility is a first-class citizen in KeePassium.


Everything is backed up: each entry keeps its history, deleted entries end up in Recycle Bin, and each database is copied before saving. (And you can disable any of these.)


KeePassium is an offline app. It will never ask for your server credentials. Instead, it integrates with the iOS Files app, and delegates all the networking to your cloud provider app.

Premium features for advanced users

Multiple Databases

Keep your personal, family and work secrets in different databases, secure and synchronized.

YubiKey Support

For extra security, protect your database with a YubiKey hardware token (NFC and Lightning). Our challenge-response implementation is compatible with KeePassXC and Keepass2Android.

Field References

KeePassium supports entry field references, so linked entries will refresh automatically when you update the main one.

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