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Easy to use KeePass for iOS

KeePassium combines the security of KeePass with a clean intuitive design. Protect yourself using strong passwords — without remembering or typing them.

Automatic Sync

KeePassium works with offline and online databases, including automatic two-way synchronization with your cloud storage. Almost any provider that appears in the Files app is supported.

Password Auto Fill

With Auto Fill, you can login to websites and other apps in just a couple of taps.

Open source

KeePassium source code is available under the GPL v3 license, so anyone can audit it.


KeePassium is an offline app. It will never ask for your server credentials. Instead, it integrates with the iOS Files app, and delegates all the networking to the cloud provider apps.

Works with YubiKey

KeePassium supports databases protected with YubiKey hardware token. Our YubiKey integration is compatible with the challenge-response method used in KeePassXC and Keepass2Android.


Customizable password generator, custom entry fields, custom icons. You can also preview and export attached files, too.


KeePassium works great with other KeePass apps, be it KeePass itself, KeePassXC, KeePassDroid, Keepass2Android or other KeePass-compatible app. KeePassium supports all the current database formats: kdb (KeePass 1.x), kdbx3 (KeePass 2.34 and before) and kdbx4 (KeePass 2.35+), and relies on time-proven implementations of AES, ChaCha20, Twofish, and Argon2 algorithms.


Everything is backed up: each entry keeps its history, deleted entries end up in Recycle Bin, and each database is copied before saving. (And you can disable any of these.)

Happy Users

Playing with the @KeePassium iOS beta — NFC support with my YubiKey 5 is looking stellar! I’ve been waiting for a solid iOS app that implements @KeePassXC‘s Challenge/Response design.

Chris Streeks

Great app!

Definitely the app to use for keeping passwords. I use KeePass XC on my PC and KeePassium on my iOS devices. The two apps work quite well together, using cloud storage.

— Ian Scuffling


When I initially installed KeePass on my PC, I got second doubts as to whether I’ll be able to use it with my iOS devices. I stumbled upon this app and I am blown away at how polished it is. Truly, apps like these are the soul of open source. Keep it up!

— Red Baron Fencer

Best App for KeePass

I did not found better app for KeePass for my IPad. This one is better that everything I’ve tried. It look better, has all the options I need and support all the latest OS features.

— Szorni


KeePassium is free to use. Take your time, there is no trial period.
Upgrade to premium or Pro only when you need the premium benefits.

  • Pro
  • €49.99 once
  • Biometric Unlock
  • Auto Sync
  • Auto Fill
  • Unlimited Settings
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Priority Email Support
  • Works with Family Sharing
  • Lifetime Updates and Support
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