How to sync KeePassium using WebDAV

WebDAV is a widely used protocol for remote file storage, especially for self-hosted solutions. Compatible products and services include Nextcloud, Synology, QNAP, MagentaCloud, Surfdrive, Yandex.Disk and many more.

There are two ways to sync KeePassium with your WebDAV server:

Direct in-app WebDAV support

With this approach, KeePassium behaves as a WebDAV client and communicates with your server directly. This way, KeePassium fully controls data transfer and does not depend on other apps. As a result, direct WebDAV connection is more reliable than integration with the Files app.

To configure a direct WebDAV connection, follow these steps:

  • Open KeePassium settings → Network Access → enable it
  • Go to the list of databases, tap +Connect to Server
    WebDAV connection setup
    WebDAV connection setup
    • Enter the full URL of your database file
    • Enter your server credentials
    • If you use a self-signed certificate, enable Allow Untrusted Certificate
    • Tap Done
  • KeePassium will check the connection and add the database to the list.

Via third-party apps

You can also sync KeePassium with a WebDAV server integrated in the iOS Files app. This way, you can enforce the separation of concerns where KeePassium has only minimal access to a single file on the server. However, third-party apps struggle to work in background, and therefore sometimes suffer from unreliable synchronization.

  • Install an app that integrates your WebDAV storage with the iOS Files app
    • There are several suitable apps, such as BoxCryptor app (free for 2 devices), FE File Explorer Pro (paid) and others. In this example, we will focus on BoxCryptor.
  • In BoxCryptor, add your WebDAV server and enter your credentials
  • Open iOS Files app and make BoxCryptor visible there
  • Open KeePassium, tap Add Existing Database
  • Navigate to your database and select it

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Last Updated: 2022-10-04