How to sync KeePassium using Dropbox


  1. Install Dropbox app and login into your account
  2. Open KeePassium
    • If the app was just installed, tap Add Existing Database
    • If you already have other databases, tap + and choose Open Database
  3. If Dropbox is not visible in the list, make it visible
  4. Navigate to Dropbox and select your database file

That’s it!


No sync

Sometimes changes made on other devices are not reflected in KeePassium (the app shows Dropbox files with old modification time). This became a common issue after Dropbox changed the way it integrates with the Files app.

As a solution, revert Dropbox to its original integration method:

  • Open Dropbox app → tap Account tab → tap the gear icon in top-right corner → Native integration → tap Clear cache, then tap Convert all to classic integration.
  • Open KeePassium and re-add your database: go to the list of databases → tap Plus → Open Database → Browse → Dropbox → select your database there.

Passcode-protected Dropbox

If your Dropbox app is passcode-protected, it will not integrate with the system (the Files app won’t be able to access Dropbox). As a result, Dropbox databases will not be accessible to KeePassium.

The only known workaround — besides disabling the Dropbox passcode — is manual sync.

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Last Updated: 2021-05-23