How to sync KeePassium with a Synology NAS

KeePassium supports automatic two-way synchronization with your Synology NAS.

  • Install DS File app and enter your credentials
  • Add DS File to the Files app
    • Open iOS Files app and press Browse
    • Press the top-right ... button, then Edit
    • Make sure than DS File is turned on
  • Open KeePassium and press the + button (top-right corner)
  • Select DS File in the Locations list
  • Select your database file
  • That's it!

Known issues

Sticky caching in DS Drive

On iOS 13, databases added via the DS Drive app (not DS File) are not always automatically downloaded. Therefore, if the database was changed on the server, these changes might not be available in KeePassium. However, changes made in KeePassium are successfully uploaded to the server. This seems like a caching issue in DS Drive v2.1.0.

To avoid this, please use DS File app instead of DS Drive.

Last Updated: 2019-11-27