How to sync KeePassium with Yandex.Disk (Я.Диск)


Don’t use the Yandex.Disk app

At the moment, Yandex.Disk is not fully integrated with the system and does not support automatic two-way synchronization. In particular, when the database is changed in the cloud, the app does not update its local cached files. Yandex support has confirmed the issue. They are working on it, but there is no specific timeline yet.

Therefore, we do not recommend using the native Yandex.Disk app with KeePassium.

Alternative solutions

There are three alternative options:


Outdated file cache

When the file changes in the cloud, Yandex.Disk app updates only file metadata (size, modification time) but not its contents. Here’s an experiment to demonstrate the issue:

  • Initial setup: Save a test file in Yandex.Disk via web-interface (file content: “Test”, size: 4 bytes)
    • Both Yandex.Disk and Files app will show:
      • Time: current
      • Size: initial
      • Content: initial (“Test”)
  • Now, update the original file to 1-KB of repeated word “Test” (still using the web interface)
    • iOS Files
      • Time: updated
      • Size: updated
      • Content: initial (outdated)
    • Yandex.Disk app:
      • Time: updated
      • Size: updated
      • Content: updated
    • iOS Files again (maybe Yandex.Disk has updated the cached file?)
      • Content: initial (outdated)

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Last Updated: 2020-04-22