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KeePassium 1.08 — KeePass for iPhone, made easy

KeePassium 1.08 is here to make your iPhone KeePass workflow even smoother.

From now on, the Unlock button will stay out of your way, saving you a couple of seconds every day. When you open the app, it will ask you for a Touch ID/Face ID scan and take you directly to your passwords.

Switching between databases is also very easy:

Opening databases in KeePassium
KeePassium easily switches between databases

Auto-unlock is available both in free and premium versions. To disable it, simply turn off the “Remember Master Keys” option in the settings.

KeePassium 1.02.36

After a month of undercover work, KeePassium is back with a new update. There are three notable highlights that will make your life better: dark mode, localized interface and user name generator.

First steps in KeePassium

For those who are new to KeePass and KeePassium, here’s a one-minute video on how to:

  • create a database
  • unlock the database
  • add a new entry with a strong random password
  • save changes
First steps in KeePassium