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Family Sharing for Premium subscriptions

Now your Premium subscription protects the whole family!

Thanks to the AppStore Family Sharing program, the you can share your subscription with up to five family members.

For new customers, Family Sharing is enabled by default.

Existing customers need to turn on Family Sharing in subscription settings. (Device settings → your name → Subscriptions → KeePassium → Share with family.)

Turn on Family Sharing for your Premium subscription
Turn on Family Sharing for your Premium subscription

iOS 14 and “The file doesn’t exist”

After upgrading to iOS 14, many KeePassium users are greeted by “The file doesn’t exist” message.

No worries, your passwords are safe — it’s just the new iOS breaks KeePassium’s links to files. (And does that intentionally, for whatever reason.)

Screenshot: File doesn\'t exist error

Introducing perpetual fallback license

App subscriptions are often seen as “renting” the software. One can use it only while paying for it. This puts users at the mercy of the developer:

  • The rates are increasing? — Keep paying or lose access.
  • Support does not respond? — Keep paying or lose access.
  • No useful features for months? — Keep paying or lose access.
  • You want to cancel? — Forget about the money already spent.
The Problem
The Problem

No wonder users hate subscriptions.

On the other side, improving the app and providing support is a regular work with no end date. A single purchase won’t do — continuous work requires continuous revenue.

How can we solve this?