KeePassium 1.23 released

KeePassium 1.23

KeePassium 1.23 brings QR-based OTP setup, alternative database icons and nicer context menus. Oh, and there is a beta release for macOS.

QR-based OTP setup

KeePassium has supported time-based one-time password (TOTP) codes for quite some time. However, adding them to the database was rather cumbersome: you had to either use another app or configure TOTP manually.

Now you can set up OTPs directly in KeePassium, using QR codes not unlike this one:

Sample TOTP setup code
OTP setup button in entry editor
OTP setup button in entry editor

Alternative database icons

Do you use custom icons or like your database more colorful? Now you can choose between KeePassium’s original icons, KeePass and KeePassXC icon sets.

(This is a visualization setting, it does not change your database content in any way.)

Same database shown with different icon sets
Same database shown with different icon sets

Nicer context menus

A long-due visual update: on iOS 13 and later, KeePassium will show modern context menus instead of old popovers:

Modern context menu
Modern context menu

KeePassium for macOS: First beta

And just in case you missed it: KeePassium for macOS is now available for beta testing on Apple Silicon and Intel hardware. You can download it from GitHub release pages.