KeePassium 1.27 released

KeePassium 1.27 lets you transfer items between databases, adds Ukrainian translation, optionally accepts input from AutoFill providers and fixes several bugs.

Copy/move items between databases

If you manage several databases, you also need to copy/move data between them. And now you can!

The main feature of this release is the ability to transfer a group or an entry to another database. The process is similar to moving items within the database, except now you can tap Switch Database and select the target group in a different file:

Copy/move entry to another database
  • Long-press the item and select Move or Copy
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap Switch Database
  • Select target database (enter the master key if prompted)
  • Select a group in the target database
Recycle Bin

When moving an item to another database, KeePassium will also preserve the item in the Recycle Bin of the original database.

Ukrainian translation

Thanks to our awesome volunteer translators, KeePassium now speaks Ukrainian:

KeePassium in Ukrainian
KeePassium in Ukrainian

Input from AutoFill providers

Accepting input from other AutoFill providers has always been a source of trouble. iCloud Keychain prompts popped up directly in KeePassium, offering to save passwords for new databases and entries. This interfered with the normal app workflow, confusing novice users. As a result, quite a few people forgot not only their database password, but the very fact there was one.

iCloud Keychain popups looked like part of KeePassium iCloud Keychain popups looked like part of KeePassium
iCloud Keychain popups looked like part of KeePassium

To prevent such issues, KeePassium now blocks input from other AutoFill providers by default. In the few scenarios when input from AutoFill might be useful, you can turn it back on. The corresponding option is hidden at the end of the “About KeePassium” screen, away from accidental discovery:

Screenshot: Accept input from AutoFill providers

…and more

For more details, please check the full changelog.