Sync troubleshooting guide

Synchronization does not work

  1. Make sure that KeePassium works with the online database, and not with a local copy. Press the ... for the database and check the File Location field. It should show the name of your online storage or at least a generic text “Another app / Cloud storage”.
  2. Make sure your storage provider app has the necessary permissions:
    • Open device settings
    • Scroll to the storage provider app (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc)
    • Make sure that Background App Refresh is turned on
    • (Optionally) Make sure that Mobile Data is turned on, too
  3. Clear cache of the storage provider app. Most apps have this function in their settings screen.
  4. In the storage provider app, try to mark the file as “available offline”, if possible.
  5. Find your storage provider in the list of supported sync sources, and check if there are any provider-specific troubleshooting steps.

Specific error messages

Couldn’t communicate with a helper application / Kommunikation mit der Hilfs-App nicht möglich

This error message means that the system cannot contact the storage provider app (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc). Most frequently, this error is produced by Google Drive when there is no Internet connection. In other cases, this means that the storage app has been either uninstalled or broken by an iOS update.

In all these cases, the solution is to open the cloud storage app and check that it works properly.

Unfortunately, sometimes this error seems to happen because of a random system bug. Restarting the device usually resolves it.

The file does not exist / Die Datei existiert nicht

This message can be caused by a variety of reasons:

  • The file has been moved, renamed or deleted.
  • The database has been edited by KeePassXC.
  • You have just updated to iOS 14 (follow these steps to fix the problem).

As an immediate fix, remove the database from KeePassium and re-add it again. (The AutoFill maintains a separate file list, so make sure to repeat this procedure there as well.)

To prevent the second issue from happening in the future, open KeePassXC settings → GeneralBasic SettingsFile Management, and turn off the option Safely save database files (may be incompatible with Dropbox, etc).