How to sync KeePassium with Nextcloud

  1. Install Nextcloud app and login into your account
  2. Open KeePassium, tap “Add Database” (top-right + button)
  3. Select Nextcloud in the Locations list
  4. Select your database file
  5. That’s it!

Known issues

Unfortunately, Nextcloud sync is quite fragile.

  • Sometimes Nextcloud does not download files changed on other computers until you open the Nextcloud app. This is a Nextcloud issue, known since 2017. Until Nextcloud fixes these issues, please make sure to sync by opening the Nextcloud app.
  • If you edit your database elsewhere, then edit it in KeePassium (without opening the Nextcloud app first), the first change might be overwritten.
  • Sometimes, Nextcloud app shows that the file is updated, but KeePassium keeps opening an old cached copy. In this case, the solution is to clear Nextcloud cache (Nextcloud app — More — Settings — Advanced — Clear cache).
  • On iOS 13 (Public Beta 3), trying to create a database in Nextcloud results in a “File does not exist” error message. However, the file is actually created and can be added manually.

Last Updated: 2019-07-19