Why upgrade to Premium?

Sync with the team

You can use several databases to share passwords with your work team or family.

Premium makes it easy to work with multiple databases — and to switch between them in a few taps.

Save time with a one-tap unlock

A good master password takes a long time to enter. This can quickly add up to minutes and hours of wasted time.

Save your time and fingers — in the premium version you can keep your databases open as long as you want. And unlock them with a single tap.

Preview without a trace

When you open an attachment in another app, you need to remember and delete the file afterwards.

With premium, you can view most files directly in KeePassium, without leaving a trace in other apps. All files will be automatically deleted after viewing. In-app preview works with most images, documents, archives and other files.

Talk to support that cares

Free version comes with community support.

With premium, you can contact us directly and get a prompt, personalized and meaningful response.

Protect the future

We make KeePassium for everyone who needs strong security, even if they cannot afford it yet.

Your support keeps KeePassium awesome, open and without ads.