Why upgrade to Premium?

Use multiple databases

In the premium version, you can add several databases and quickly switch between them. You can also move and copy items between these databases. This is helpful if you want to keep separate databases for family, work and personal passwords.

Connect to corporate storage

In the free version, you can sync with any storage available in the Files app. Additionally, KeePassium supports a direct connection to some clouds. The free version can directly connect to personal cloud accounts (such as OneDrive Personal).

In the premium version, you can directly connect to enterprise cloud accounts, such as OneDrive for Business or SharePoint.

Save time typing the passwords

To save your time, KeePassium can quickly fill out login forms using the system-wide Password AutoFill feature. Whenever a webpage or an app needs your credentials, you will see a “Passwords” button above the keyboard. Tap the button and pick the required entry from your database. The login form will be filled out automatically.

In the premium version, this takes only one tap. With the premium Quick AutoFill feature, you will get the most relevant entry right above the keyboard.

Quick AutoFill

YubiKey support

In the free version, you can open your database using the master password and key files.

In the premium version, you can add another layer of security and protect your data with a hardware token (YubiKey).

YubiKey hardware token

Field references

If you have duplicate entries that differ only in some parts, managing these copies can be tiresome.

Field references solve this problem. With this feature, any entry can display data from another entry. For example, you can keep common credentials in one “main” entry and make related entries fetch username/password from the main one.

Field references in KeePassium

Custom app icons

Premium version offers a variety of alternative app icons, so you can make KeePassium look better on your home screen.

Premium support

Free version comes with community support. We will do our best to answer email requests, but this might take a long time.

Premium version comes with the priority support. Contact us directly and get a prompt, personalized and meaningful response.

Keep it fresh

KeePassium is free for everyone who needs strong security, even if they cannot afford it yet. Your purchase ensures that KeePassium remains awesome, open and without ads.

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