Is KeePassium free?

Yes, KeePassium can be used free of charge (gratis) and is also free as in speech (libre).

The free version does have a few limitations:

  • You can use only one database (at a time).
    To view or edit another database, you will need to remove the first one, then add the second one. Navigating through folders does take time. Upgrade when your time is worth it.
  • Database Lock timeout can be set to maximum 1 hour.
    The Database Lock closes your database when the app is not used for some time. If you use KeePassium often, you might have to type your strong master password several times a day. Upgrade only when your time is worth it.
  • No attachment preview for heavy/frequent users.
    If you use KeePassium long and often, you won’t be able to preview attachments in the app. Of course, you can always export them to other apps and view there. Just don’t forget to remove your passport scan from the Photos later on.

Here’s an overview of the free and premium versions:

Casual use
Heavy use
Databases One Unlimited
View, edit, sync Yes Yes
Touch ID/Face ID Yes Yes
Preview attachments Yes No Yes
Database lock timeout Up to 1 hour Up to 5 minutes Unlimited
Support Community support Email support

App usage statistics are estimated over the last 30 days. This information is never submitted anywhere — it is used only internally to encourage frequent users to upgrade.

Check other reasons to upgrade to premium.