KeePassium Black Friday / Cyber Monday promo sale discount deal

KeePassium does not offer discounts. Here’s why.

  • KeePassium is a tool that you use every day. Does it become less useful or less secure on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Nope, it gives you full 100% every day.
  • Is it useful enough to justify the purchase? Maybe yes, maybe no — but the answer does not depend on the calendar date.
  • Did you ever purchase something a few days before a promo? How did it feel? App Store does not allow discounts on past purchases, so your new premium-user experience would get a bitter taste.
  • How do you feel when you miss a promo by a few hours? App Store does not allow for exceptions, so you will feel cheated and will pay extra for the privilege.

That’s why we don’t offer discounts. You can buy KeePassium whenever you like and feel good about it.

Our approach

We improve the app instead of reducing the price.

Dropping the price twice a year is easy and profitable. Improving the app every week is hard and demanding.

We work for people who choose KeePassium because they like it, not because “it was 20% off”.

Did you know?

  • Premium subscription comes with a rent-to-own license. When you cancel, you keep what you paid for.
  • KeePassium beta includes all the premium features. However, it can be unstable and misbehave occasionally. Make sure you backup your database frequently.
  • If you need multiple licenses (20+) for your school or business, contact us to discuss your requirements and volume purchase options.

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Last Updated: 2021-11-24