File selection screen shows "Content Unavailable"

The problem

When you open a database, KeePassium shows a warning message:

Content Unavailable

The folder contents could not be displayed because of an unknown error.

Inhalt nicht verfügbar

Der Ordnerinhalt konnte aufgrund eines unbekannten Fehlers nicht angezeigt werden.

Contenu indisponible

Impossible d’afficher le contenu du dossier en raison d’une erreur inconnue.

Контент недоступен

Содержащиеся в папке объекты не удалось отобразить из-за неизвестной ошибки.

Why it happens

The file selection dialog is managed by the system, so the message means there is an integration problem between iOS and the cloud provider app. For instance, if you open your cloud location in the standard Files app, most likely it will show the same error message.

Since this happens outside of KeePassium, the exact cause remains a mystery for the moment.

How to fix it

  1. Restart your device — this usually fixes the problem.
  2. If the issue persists, try to reinstall your cloud provider app.
  3. If none of the above helps, please contact us

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