How to convert KDB database to KDBX format

KDB is a database file format used by KeePass 1.x. The file extension literally means “KeePass Database”.

KDBX is an extensible database format introduced by KeePass 2 in 2008. This format is superior to KDB in many ways:

  • Full Unicode support (KDB struggles with non-latin characters)
  • Configurable encryption settings
  • Multiple attachments per entry
  • Custom entry fields
  • Entry modification history
  • Custom icons

KeePassium supports both KDB and KDBX files. However, the full functionality of the app is available only with KDBX files.

Here is how you can upgrade an older KDB database to the current KDBX format:

  • On your computer, install KeePassXC
  • Open menu DatabaseImportKeePass 1 Database…
  • Select your .kdb database and unlock it with your master password/key file
  • The app will load your data and offer to save it as a .kdbx file

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Last Updated: 2021-10-08