KeePassium App Privacy Policy

When you use the app

KeePassium does not send any personal data to us (KeePassium Labs).

That said, some opt-in functions (listed below) involve communication with external services that are controlled by their own privacy policies.

  • In-app purchases (Apple)
    • Versions of KeePassium that include in-app purchases may communicate with the App Store servers to process, verify and manage such purchases. All the App Store transactions are handled by Apple; we do not receive any of your financial or personal data.
      • How to opt in: start an in-app purchase by pressing a “Buy now”, “Upgrade” or similarly named button.
      • How to opt out:
        • Log out from your App Store account, or
        • Switch to app version without in-app purchases (such as KeePassium Pro)
  • Aggregated usage statistics (Apple)
    • If you choose to opt in to share diagnostic information about apps with Apple, we can access anonymized and aggregated statistics about app usage and diagnostic info. These data do not include any personal information.
      • How to opt in/out: Device settings → Privacy → Analytics & Improvement → Share With App Developers.
  • Network-dependent features
    • If you choose to opt in for network-dependent features, the app may communicate with third-party (or your own) servers, for the sole purpose of providing you the requested functionality. Such network connections are established by the app directly to the respective service and are governed by the privacy policy of the latter. None of these data are shared with us.
      • How to opt in/out: KeePassium settings → Network Access
      • How to monitor: device settings → Privacy → App Privacy Report → App Network Activity (requires iOS 15 or higher)
  • Online documentation (KeePassium)
    • In-app documentation includes links to this website. The links do not contain any personal data. If clicked, they would open up in your default web browser. The use of the website is subject to KeePassium website privacy policy.
      • How to opt in: tap/click an external documentation link in the app.
      • How to opt out: avoid clicking external documentation links in the app.
  • Corporate edition: KeePassium for Intune
    • KeePassium for Intune is a separate app designed for corporate environments managed by Microsoft Intune. That app may ask you to sign in with your work account and may communicate with Intune servers used by your organization. This is necessary for enforcing the data protection policies set by your IT administrator. User files and their contents are expressly excluded from any such communication.
      • How to opt in/out: please contact your IT administrator.

Direct connection to online storage

If you choose to connect KeePassium to an online storage (like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.), we will use

“We will use your data to provide you with the services you requested, such as email notification and newsletter, etc.”

“We will not sell your data to third parties, but we may share it with our partners who help us provide our services.”

Business licensing (B2B)

When KeePassium is activated using a separately purchased corporate license, the app may periodically contact our license management system in order to sync the license status.

For alternative licensing options, such as on-premise or offline, please contact us.

When you contact us

When you contact us via email or social networks, we store your messages and our responses for the following purposes:

  • To resume the discussion when you request further support.
  • To notify you about bug fixes or features that you requested.

We will not share your information with any third party, unless required by law.

Our email is hosted by the Namecheap Private Email service and governed by their terms of service.


If you have any questions regarding this policy, feel free to contact us.

This policy might change over time to become more formal and detailed. You are therefore advised to check this page once in a while.

Last Updated: 2023-08-09