KeePassium 1.52 released

KeePassium 1.52 adds direct sync with Dropbox and Google Drive, custom wordlists for passphrases, better tag management, and many other improvements.

Direct sync with Dropbox and Google Drive

If you store your database in a cloud, there are two ways to link it to KeePassium.

The default method is integration with the Files app. This delegates all the networking to the cloud provider’s app, which offers several security benefits. KeePassium can stay offline, but cannot verify whether any files are actually synchronized.

A more reliable alternative is the direct connection, where KeePassium communicates directly with the storage provider’s servers. This way, the app controls all data transfers and does not depend on stability of other apps. In 2022, we implemented direct connections to OneDrive and WebDAV servers, which proved to be a great solution for their occasional sync issues.

Today, we are adding direct connections for Dropbox and Google Drive. You can find them via Databases list → Plus button → Connect to Server:

Direct connection options
Direct connection options
Google Drive is pending approval

Connection to Google Drive is still waiting for Google’s approval and is temporarily blocked on their side. It should become available in a week or two.

Integration with iOS Files app remains the default and recommended sync method. Direct connections require your permission for network access and therefore are intended as “plan B” solution.

Business users with corporate storage accounts would need a premium version for direct sync. This applies to Dropbox Business, Google Workspace Business and Workspace Enterprise accounts. Direct sync with personal and most academic accounts is available in the free version. This applies to Dropbox Basic and Pro, Google Workspace for Education, and G Suite legacy free edition. Synchronization via iOS Files app remains free for everyone.

Custom wordlists for passphrases

Out of the box, KeePassium comes with three wordlists for generating passphrases. All three come from the respected Electronic Frontiers Foundation and therefore are in English. In turn, KeePassium itself is available in 19 languages — thanks to our volunteer translators! — and there is certainly a need non-English passphrases.

This release adds support for custom wordlists. You can find and import ready-made wordlists in German, French, and many other languages. You can also import several wordlists and switch between them.

Passphrases with German and French words Passphrases with German and French words
Passphrases with German and French words

For special occasions, you can create your own wordlists:

  • A simple text file (UTF-8)
  • One word per line, shorter than 30 characters
  • Max 10000 lines
  • No duplicate words (KeePassium will tell you if it finds any)

Database-wide tag editing

Tags are useful for organizing your database, but sometimes tags themselves need reorganization. For example, as your hobbies grow, you might want to split the generic hobby tag into more specific reading and surfing, and later rename surfing into diving or drop it altogether.

Starting with this version, you can do exactly that. When selecting tags for a specific entry, you will see a list of all the tags in the database. Now you can edit tags in that list and changes will apply to all the groups and entries in this database.

WebDAV file selector

Some good news for WebDAV users. You no longer need to enter the full file URL — a process that caused quite a bit of errors and confusion. Now you only need to enter a root path of your server. KeePassium will show the list of files and folders at that path, so that you can navigate straight to your database.

WebDAV setup: before and after WebDAV setup: before and after
WebDAV setup: before and after

More settings become free

“In order to streamline our premium offer…“ What follows is usually an announcement of more paywalls and free features turning into paid ones. This is a different case.

As KeePassium evolves, we move some premium features to the free tier. Previously this happened with database locking, attachment previews and alternative app icons. Today, the “Clear master keys after DB timeout” setting and all database timeout options also become available in the free version.