KeePassium 1.09 — organize your passwords

Now you can organize your passwords on the go. Move entries to other groups. Copy or duplicate them. Go meta and move whole groups!

This is just a highlight, there are many more improvements:


  • Move/copy groups and entries to other groups
  • Long-press menu for files, groups and entries
  • Highlight digits and special symbols in stored passwords [thanks, Sean]
  • Support for Steam TOTP with GAuth URI format [thanks, Nu11u5]
  • Support for TOTP based on SHA-256 and SHA-512 [thanks, Walter]
  • “Add Key File” button to key file pickers [thanks, Ron]


  • Use local URLs for local files, instead of resolving bookmarks
  • Preserve the entered master password after DB unlock errors [thanks, Bertrand]


  • Occassional freezing at “Loading… 0%” (fixes #88) [thanks, everyone]
  • An attempt to fix random freezing when accessing local files on iOS 13
  • AutoFill FaceID loop on 13.1.3 [thanks, Quinn]
  • Add missing special symbols in password generator [thanks, Justen]
  • “Failed to open file” error after creating a new database [thanks, Craig]
  • Loading MiniKeePass DBs with minor issues (missing custom icon UUIDs and group timestamps) [thanks, everyone]
  • Overly wide popovers on iPadOS 13