Who makes KeePassium?

Hi, my name is Andrei and I am making KeePassium.

It all started in 2013 with BlackBerry PlayBook. It was a fine tablet, but it lacked apps. Conveniently, however, it could run Android apps and I knew how to make them. So I forked KeePassDroid and adapted its UI to look more native on the tablet. And people liked it!

KeePassDroid adapted for BlackBerry PlayBook
KeePassDroid adapted for BlackBerry PlayBook

In 2014, I learned how to make native apps for BlackBerry 10 OS (using C++ and Qt), and created a KeePass app from the scratch. The development did take a while, but KeePassB became one of the best apps in its class. Even though it was proprietary and sold at $4.99, the reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

Within a couple of years, BlackBerry collapsed and KeePassB became an open source app.

In 2017, I got an iPhone and was sadly surprised by the bare-bones MiniKeePass experience and deplorable design of another app.

So I learned Swift and made KeePassium.