6 Best KeePass apps for iOS — A Comparison

Finding a good KeePass app for your iPhone or iPad can be challenging. Here is an overview of the available options.


Freemium, open source, actively maintained. Supports automatic synchronization, AutoFill and all KeePass formats.


Free, open source, but abandoned and outdated: no synchronization, no kdbx4 support, no user support.

KeePass Touch

Ad-supported MiniKeePass fork with more features (such as kdbx4 and sync), intermittent updates and some questionable ethics.


Freemium, open source, actively maintained. Supports Password Safe and KeePass formats.

PassDrop 2

Free, but abandoned and outdated: does not support key files, limited to KeePass 1.x kdb databases.

KyPass 4

Commercial, alive and kicking, with many nice features. Also known for unethically “borrowing” other developer’s code, removing inconvenient questions, and abandoning its paying customers.

There is a direct link to each app, feel free to try them. When you need best quality, reliability and support — get KeePassium.

Last Updated: 2019-06-21