Can I trust KeePassium?

When your passwords are at stake, don’t trust promises — they are just words. Instead, look at the verifiable signals.

It stays offline

By design, KeePassium never “phones home” for any reason. You can check this by monitoring the network traffic on your device.

You might wonder: how does KeePassium offer cloud sync, but never asks for my Dropbox/OneDrive/NetxCloud account details? This is because KeePassium delegates synchronization to the original cloud provider apps. KeePassium itself remains offline.

In-app purchases

The freemium version of KeePassium can communicate with the AppStore servers, in order to manage in-app purchases. KeePassium Pro does not connect to any servers at all.

It has a clear business model

From the practical point of view, stealing passwords is a poor business idea. Just like any other illegal high-risk activity, it would eventually be exposed and result in jail time.

Selling the app, in contrast, is a safe, legal and reliable business model that builds reputation.

We don’t sell user data — we sell the app.

It is open source

Best of all, you don’t have to trust us! For the maximal assurance, follow these steps:

  1. Download KeePassium source code
  2. Audit it (or hire someone you trust)
  3. Build your own app
  4. Rely on it

(If you go this way, please consider buying premium to support the development.)