KeePassium 1.06.42

KeePassium 1.06.42 brings two visible improvements.

Gestor de contraseñas para iOS: KeePassium in Spanish

KeePassium is now available in Spanish! (Thanks to Juan_Net and NicolasCGN, who both contributed to the translation).

Overall, your favorite KeePass app for iOS now speaks 9 languages. Translate KeePassium to your language — everything is done online, no coding knowledge required.

KeePassium in Spanish
KeePassium in Spanish

Large text mode

KeePassium now fully respects the system text size settings, and looks much easier on the eyes.

To change the text size, open device settings — Display & BrightnessText Size. If this is not enough, try AccessibilityDisplay & Text SizeLarger Text.

Default and large text modes
KeePassium with default text size KeePassium with large text size