KeePassium 1.02.36

After a month of undercover work, KeePassium is back with a new update. There are three notable highlights that will make your life better.

iOS 13: Dark Mode

KeePassium is now fully compatible with the iOS 13 Dark Mode.

Dark and Light mode
KeePassium in dark mode KeePassium in light mode

Passwort Manager, Wachtwoordbeheerder, 密码管理器, Менеджер паролей — call it what you like

Thanks to the awesome community of volunteers, KeePassium now speaks five more languages!

  • German — thanks to Lukas Wolfsteiner, Talwanderung, @cpktmpkt, danoe and robin-moser
  • Dutch — thanks to Heimen Stoffels (@Vistaus)
  • Chinese Simplified — thanks to 3374575857
  • Chinese Traditional — thanks to 3374575857
  • Russian — that’s on us :)
KeePassium, translated
KeePassium in six languages

To enjoy KeePassium in your native language, join the translation. No coding knowledge required.

Special thanks to the Crowdin folks who made their great platform available to open source projects.

User name generator/picker

KeePassium makes it very easy to have different passwords for each account. But what about user names?

Whether you always stick with the formal firstname.lastname or prefer randomness — we’ve got you covered!

When creating a new entry, tap Choose at the user name field. You will get a selection of the most frequently used names (from your database), plus a completely random one.

Two taps to fill the user name
Username selector/generator in KeePassium