Free, Premium, Pro — what’s the difference?

Free version

The general idea of KeePassium is that you always have full access to your data, regardless of the version.

The free version has a few limitations:

One database
You can add only one database at a time. If you need to use another database, you’ll need to remove the previous one first.
The database is usually locked
Database Timeout can be set maximum to 1 hour. That is, if you don’t use the app for 1 hour, you will need to enter the full master password again.
No YubiKey challenge-response support
You can unlock your database with a master password and/or a key file. YubiKey support is reserved for professional use and is available in paid versions.
Attachment preview limited
If your database contains attached files, you can view them directly in KeePassium — without leaving traces in other apps. However, if you use KeePassium long and often, this feature will be blocked. But you can always export attachments and view them in other apps.

These limitations are intended to be almost invisible for casual users. Beginners will only need a single database anyway, and will have no problem entering the master password once in a while.

For expert users, however, entering a long passphrase several times a day will soon become inefficient. Upgrading the the paid version will enable you to keep the database open longer, and thus save you time and efforts.

The paid version removes the limitations of the free app: you can add multiple databases, quickly switch between them, and keep them open as long as you like.

KeePassium has several paid options. Functionally, they are exactly the same. The difference is whether this is a single or repeating payment, and whether the license covers only you or your family members, too.

  • Monthly and Yearly Premium subscriptions offer premium benefits for lower, but repeating payments. Of course, nobody likes “renting” their software. That’s why KeePassium offers a perpetual fallback license: an ongoing subscription buys you a perpetual license for some premium features.
  • KeePassium Pro is a separate paid app. Unlike the previous option, KeePassium Pro can be used with the App Store Family Sharing program. That is, family members linked to your Apple ID account will be able to download the app for free.


If you are just starting and not sure if KeePass/KeePassium works for you — start with the free version.

If you like KeePassium and want to keep it fresh and shiny — get Premium.

If you want to get KeePassium for the whole family — consider buying KeePassium Pro.

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Last Updated: 2020-07-24